Our Concept - Our Mission One World. One Purpose.

The mission; save millions of lives

Unlimited. Value.

After 30 years of research, cold fusion has finally been figured out! It consists of rapidly pulsing current in a water cylinder at a precise frequency. This produces a division of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The excess of energy comes from the fusion (the reassembly) of the particles of water. During this process, extra units of heat energy are produced. Energy is drawn from both shock and emptiness. This fusion of the atom is the same as that of the sun. In short, a real sun is created in the water!

Now that cold fusion exists, an unlimited amount of clean energy can be! In this lifetime, you'll see the end of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. Cold fusion will soon be powering everything there is.

And while we're at it, we're here to change things. As a first target, ELAN Foundation is committed to give back more than $USD 160 million worth of energy creating machines around the world during the first 5 years of its market launch.

Unlimited. Power.

As we begin powering homes and factories worldwide, we'll also be giving away free units to power houses in under-developed areas. For example, Elan's Model 1 is capable of creating a steady supply of 30kW per hour. While that represents the average household power demand in America or Europe, it is also enough to power more than 15 houses in a remote area of Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle-East. We'll also give away many units to power water pumps.

Unlimited. Pure Water.

Right now, well over a billion people live in extreme poverty and are lacking the most essential resource to be able to sustain a less than optimal life; Water. Elan's proprietary technology is capable of not only powering pumps to give them water but also to purify it, so it's safe to drink!

As mentioned above, cold fusion consists of constant division and fusion of the atoms, so as a result, water boils extremely fast and turns into vapor. We can use that vapor in many ways. A small unit is capable of boiling more than 1 liter of water per second, thus ensuring a steady supply of clean, drinkable water for children and adults around the world.

Furthermore, we're already working with several countries to have them invest in the construction of huge water purifying plants.

Unlimited. Salt-free. Fresh Water.

Since Cold fusion can boil water extremely fast, it will also be used for water desalination. Imagine green energy power plants next to the sea providing fresh water for millions of people and acres of land, all while producing green energy!

The future of the planet now seems a lot brighter!