Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Elan Exactly?
  • Elan is a non-profit foundation that does things differently. It's a for-people foundation rather than a for-profit company, its sole goal is to put unlimited green energy supply, an abundance of healthy water and independence directly in the hands of the masses.
  • But if it's really a non-profit, why do you have an ICO around the whole concept? Can't you just release your technology for free?
  • While we would love to pay for salaries, infrastructures and certifications with love (It'd be really nice actually), we live in a world where money has to be spent in order to help billions of people and that's where you come into play.
  • How long have you been researching this technology?
  • The Elan Future team has worked on our energy-creating technology for over 30 years. It has been independently tested several times by a multitude of 3rd party engineers and is currently working in a pre-series prototype. The Elan Future Team is composed of people with advanced degrees in physics, mathematics, electricity, engineering and other sciences such as cryptocurrencies specialists and developpers, team leadership, marketing masterminds, online media broadcasters and many more cutting-edge techies. Several of these team members have even taught and authored and co-authored physics books for leading universities around the world. Others have launched multi-million dollar enterprises. Big players are involved, amongst the best of the best.
  • If you have all this remarkable technology, you should have all the money you could possibly want. A lot of people want this out. Why are you starting an ICO?
  • This question comes from the perspective of people who have been brainwashed to believe governments and businesses work in an honest and honorable way. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is. Fundamentally it’s a buddy system. The super rich prints money (and they own all the money they print, or in other-ways, invent) and give it (or loan it) to their buddies – the corrupted politicians. The corrupted politicians then in turn give it to their buddies in business – the oil companies, the military industrial complex, healthcare companies, and large private contractors.

    Mostly these companies are interested in keeping the status quo and continuing things as they’ve always been. They make so much money continuing the problems!

    For example: Do you think there is more money to be made by eliminating fuel costs or continue to be paid for every gallon of gasoline or kilowatt of electricity we consume? Do you think it is more profitable to treat cancer, or to cure it?

    Decentralising energy is the way out! Cryptocurrences opened the door to a whole new world and you perfectly knew this would eventually come! And you're part of it now!

  • Can I visit your labs, meet your engineers, staff, see your patents and test the technology myself before taking part in your revolutionnary ICO?
  • Although we're really proud of showcasing what our technology can do, we are dealing with a sensible technology that a lot of powerful people would like to put their hands on. Because of that, we screen everyone that approaches our technology very thoroughly.
  • How strong is your generator? Is it capable of providing enough electricity to feed my home/business/farm/etc?
  • Model 1 of Elan's groundbreaking technology produces 30kWh with a three-cubic-foot generator, which is more than enough to power a North American Household. In a controlled environment, Elan's Model 2 generator is capable of generating a stable 2MWh with a recorded high of 20MWh so far (which can feed the equivalent of 600 houses).
  • How does the technology works precisely? Can you elaborate on the energy creating process?
  • Cold fusion consists of rapidly pulsing current in a water cylinder at a precise frequency. This produces a division of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The excess of energy comes from the fusion (the reassembly) of the particles of water. During this process, extra units of heat energy are produced. Energy is drawn from both shock and emptiness. This fusion of the atom is the same as that of the sun. In short, a real sun is created in the water!
  • Is your technology certified? Is it safe?
  • Elan's technology is currently being reviewed by third party engineers for the CE, UL, CSA, NSF and ESAFE certification assuring conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.
  • I'm a representative of country / bank / firm / company / investor group, can we contact you directly?
  • You sure can! Simply use our contact form located here or join our telegram channel and we will get back to you promptly. You can also book an appointment for a conference call by using our public relation calendar.
  • Is your technology for sale? Can we buy you out of your intellectual property?
  • Unfortunately for the privately owned companies and fortunately for the people, our technology is not for sale. We believe a world-changing technology like ours should not to be owned by a single entity but by everyone on the planet. Elan is about decentralizing and the distribution of our technology is at the heart of our strategy.
  • Does your tecnology only generate power? Can it do other things?
  • Right now, Elan's technology is capable of much more than just generating power. It can purify and desalinate water, heat buildings and cold areas, create complete and complex eco-systems in unstable environments. It can do a lot more, we'll keep updating you as we grow those branches!
  • Do you really think you can raise your 1Bn ICO?
  • Consider this, 26% of the energy on the planet is consummed by Americans alone. 1.2 Billion people are living without constant electricity, what if we had a dollar for every person that lacks electricity in order to provide them with a constant and reliable source of power? Electricity is a 100 Trillion dollar / year market. What if we told you it would be possible to get rid of your monthly electricity bill for 5 Thousand Dollars and help thousands of people on the planet at the same time? The answer is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Do you have a white paper I can read? I'd like to know more about your plans before buying ELAN Tokens.
  • Although we don't believe in over filled white papers with fancy designs to impress people, we do have a White Paper located here. You can also read our green paper and research thesis located here.
  • When do you think your technology will be available on the market? How will I be able to buy the technology once it hits the market?
  • If all goes according to our plan, we strive to have the first consumer-ready models available for retail in a 2-year period. 50% of the first models will be offered to token holders and the other 50% will be distributed in pilot projects where it's most needed. The only currency ELAN Future will accept is the ELAN Token.
  • I have other questions not listed on your FAQs page, can I send you my questions directly?
  • Absolutely! Although keep in mind that we get thousands of requests every day. We'll strive to answer your questions in less than five business days.