Elan Future | Putting Energy Back In The Hands Of The People.

Introducing The World’s First Independent Energy Generator

Based On Plasma Energy

Changing The World. Check


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Ground. Breaking. Technology.

30 years of research, a lifetime of progress. It all started with a goal, a dream of making the world self-sufficient when it comes to energy and boy have we succeeded!

Our patented technology is capable of turning a simple flow of energy into a powerful and constant bundle of clean, renewable and useable electricity.

Energy is drawn from a plasma fusion, the very same type of energy produced by the sun. The fusion then multiplies what goes in by up to 23 times.

Self powered homes for all.

What if we had the technology needed to make every home on the planet independent from the power monopolies? What if we gave you a way to produce your own energy? Elan's revolutionnary technology does exactly that.

Whether you live in the harsh climates of Arizona all the way to the humid regions of Venezuela, Elan's self-sufficiant Model 1 is capable of providing your household with a steady flow of electricity WITHOUT the need of being connected to the power grid.

Always on. No matter what.

No Grid? No sun? No Wind? No problem. Elan's Model 1 works independently from those power sources and is self-sufficient.

Providing a power supply of over 30 kWh, Elan's Model 1 can integrate with most households and provide comfort all year round in all weather conditions.

For industrial uses, Elan’s Model 2 has reached a power output of 20MWh (which can feed the equivalent of 600 houses).