Introducing The World’s First Self-sufficient generator

Unlimited Energy

Cold fusion consists of rapidly pulsing current in a water cylinder at a precise frequency. This reaction produces a division of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The excess of energy comes from the fusion (the reassembly) of the particles of water. During this process, extra units of heat energy are produced.

Pure Energy.

Cold fusion is compared with the "hot" fusion which takes place naturally within stars. Energy is drawn from fusion of the atoms harnessing the shock and "emptiness". This fusion of the atom is the same as that of the sun. To make this simple, the machine produces a small-scale sun in the water.

The ultimate water treatment plant.

Elan's proprietary technology is also capable of purifying water to make it safe to drink.

Since cold fusion consists of constant division and fusion of the atoms, water boils extremely fast and turns into vapor. We can use that vapor in many ways. A small unit is capable of boiling more than 1 liter of water per second, thus ensuring a steady supply of clean, drinkable water for children and adults around the world.

Clean Energy

Our prototypes have been tested, repeated, and the concept proven in laboratories, as shown in our white paper. It meets the green standard of no fossil fuel usage or pollution.

Hyperfast Water Desalination

Since Cold fusion can boil water extremely fast, Elan's Model 1 will also be used for water desalination. Imagine green energy power plants next to the sea providing fresh water for millions of people and acres of land, all while producing green energy!